Kat Scratchings

How a 40-something retiree passes the day

Katheryn Saunders
13 July 1973
My name is Kathey. I like anime, cats, Second Life, TV, and most things that can be done while sitting on my big butt. I have a husband named Joel, and 4 cats named Ginger, Grant, Adam, and Smokey. We all live together in a trailer house full of stuff. I have FSH muscular dystrophy, the symptoms of which include whining and occasional bouts of self-pity. Just fair warning. Friend me and I'll probably friend you back because I'm easy that way :)

Communities I manage:
brights for those with a naturalistic worldview.
musc_dystrophy for those with muscular dystrophy and their families.
3x3 eyes, a prairie home companion, adult swim, alice cooper, ancient egypt, anime, anubis, art, audio books, azumanga daioh, bad astronomy, bast, bastet, blackadder, bloom county, books, brandi carlile, brights, buffy the vampire slayer, calvin and hobbes, cartoons, cats, chinese food, chocolate, coca-cola, comics, craig ferguson, david letterman, death, depression, diabetes, dilbert, disney, doctor john, doctor steel, doctor who, dogs, doonesbury, dragons, egyptology, eugene hutz, facebook, facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, faith no more, fantasy, feminism, first amendment, freedom from religion, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, fsh, futurama, garrison keillor, gay rights, genealogy, gogol bordello, grant imahara, grief, guns n' roses, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, heavy metal, hello kitty, howard stern, japan, kittens, kogepan, koneko, laibach, lake wobegon, liberalism, lichen planus, lina inverse, maneki neko, meeroos, mike patton, miyazaki hayao, monty python, movies, mst3k, mumford & sons, muscular dystrophy, mutts, my chemical romance, my neighbor totoro, necoconeco, neil gaiman, neko, npr, nyanko, nyao, opb, oregon, pacific northwest, pizza, portland, project runway, revolutionary girl utena, robin quivers, roger ebert, roses, salem, san-x, satoshi kon, sdmb, seattle, second life, secular humanism, skepticism, sl, slayers, snapple, snopes, spirited away, stephen colbert, stephen king, strangers with candy, studio ghibli, symphony of science, system of a down, tcm, tf2, thai tea, the amazing randi, the big bang theory, the colbert report, the daily show, the endless, the history channel, the oregon trail, the pacific northwest, the pacific ocean, the sandman, the simpsons, the sims 2, the straight dope, the who, the willamette valley, thomas jefferson, thomas paine, tillamook cheese, tool, tracheotomies, tv, twisted sister, urban legends, uwajimaya, voodoo, warner brothers cartoons, zombies